Welcome to … DO THIS NOW!

December 15th, 2020

Welcome to DO THIS NOW, our bi-weekly “more than a blog” blog. It is a fun, creative, hands-on experience for launching your business. 

I hope you came prepared with a pen and paper, because we have a 5-minute visioning exercise for you.  But, before we jump into that, ask yourself: 

Do these thoughts seem familiar?

1. I often find myself awake in the middle of the night scribbling down ideas. 

2. While I’ve been bouncing ideas between friends and family for years, I’ve never committed to making one real. 

If so, you might be an entrepreneur on the verge of something great. Entrepreneurs are the type of people with tons of new ideas, but not always the time or resources to pursue them all. Starting a business is a challenge, no matter how many years of experience you have doing what it is that you love. 

Knowing that (and having been there ourselves), this blog is created with entrepreneurs at all stages in mind. We understand the unique journey you are on and want to help you thrive. So today, we are excited to introduce to you DO THIS NOW …  a fun, creative, hands-on do-it-experience, and a new start to our journey together!


The internet is a fascinating place, and sometimes overwhelmingly so. There are self-help, business advice, and personal stories as far as your finger can click. But is it always helpful? That depends on a number of factors, from the time of day, to the content itself, to how many cups of coffee you’ve had. Sometimes, no matter how great the article was, we’re left wondering, “What now?”  

DO THIS NOW is inspired by those experiences, as well as our overarching mission to work with entrepreneurs to launch their businesses successfully. In order to launch successfully, we know there are certain ingredients that will create a solid foundation. However, strong business plans, budgets, and marketing strategies don’t come naturally to most people. Instead, we learn through experience. 

So, we would like to share some of that experience with you. Because while you can’t buy experience, you can learn from the successes, mistakes, and magic discoveries of others. In each blog post, we offer you snippets of the activities that we do with our clients — entrepreneurs just like you.

Let the journey begin! 

DO THIS NOWVisualization exercise:

Step one: Draw a picture of your business. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Draw the elements of your business, what you do, and how you see them working together. 

Step two: Now, draw a picture of what your life looks like when your business takes off. Where are you? What are you doing? What/who are you surrounded by?  Stick figures are ok! Just get it on the page. 

Now that you have these two pictures, ponder them.  Pin them on your board.  Let them inspire you as your vision evolves and guide you as you begin your entrepreneurial journey with us!  

p.s.  Just for the fun of it, we’ve included a picture (below) drawn by our most creative client, an amazing artist (www.micboekelmann.com) who turned her talents into a thriving business and community resource.  So yes, even for a talented artist — stick figures can be fun and useful!

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