Is your business idea right for YOU?

This month, our focus is on dreams and how to bring them to fruition.  So, in this blog, as we move through the “visioning stage” of launching a business, we’d like you to join us in an exercise that helps us think about how our business dream fits with the other priorities in our life.  Let’s get started…


You have a dream, a vision for your business — but will it really create the life you want?  Let’s find out!  Grab some paper and something to write with, and we’ll get started! 

Step one:  Using the example above (or create your own!), draw a circle and divide it up into equal sections, as few as 6 or 8, or as many as 12 as shown in the example above.  Label your sections.  Our favorites: relationships, environment (home/office), health, education, career, finances, personal development, fun, and spirituality….but choose your own!

Step two:  Draw a dot on each line, in each section, representing how fulfilled you feel (in this moment) in each of these sections . This is purely based on your own experience, not on what anyone else would have to say about your life. So, for example, if you feel like your creativity is about 30% of where it could be, draw a DOT ⅓ of the way up from the center on that line.  Repeat for each area of your life.   

As an example, I asked Sierra (VIE ceo) to do step one, and here is her drawing:

(Does your circle even look like a circle?  Or more like an odd-shaped star?)   : )

Step two:  Once you’ve completed step one, grab a DIFFERENT COLOR pen, and do the same based on where you’d like to be in a year. Of course, we’d all like to be 100% fulfilled in all areas…but be realistic, and focus on the areas most important to you. Then, connect those dots. What do your circle look like now?

Step three:  Observe your circles, think about your goals, and ask yourself:

  • Does the business you hope to launch support the life you want to live?

For example:  If you are going to open a restaurant, but you love lazy Saturday mornings…and weekends off for traveling…you may want to re-think your business choice.  Another example:  If your goal is to retire at age 50 with 100 million in the bank, a small craft shop may not get you there.  Last example, let’s say your health has suffered in recent years, and a goal of yours is to be super active, lose weight, and get healthy.  In that case, you may want to re-think any business idea that will have you sitting behind a desk 12 hours a day.  

You get the idea. But whatever you are looking for in your life, now is the time to think:  Is this business really right for ME?

If the answer is yes, great!  Now, is a great time to flesh out your vision and begin planning.    

If the answer is no, what needs to change? What other options are there? 

If you need help figuring it out, contact us for some guidance — we offer complimentary visioning sessions to get you started!

Step five:  Finish this exercise by setting 3 goals that will move you forward toward launching the business of your dreams.  Write them down.  Share it with your friends and family!  Post it on your vision board!  And then begin to take the baby steps necessary to make it happen. Bonne chance!

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