Feeling stuck?

Sometimes, in life…we get stuck. Stuck with a partner, in a dead-end job, or in a monotonous routine. And sometimes in business, we can get stuck too.

But the question is…. What can we do about it??

First, it’s always important to understand why you are stuck. But that’s only the first step. And getting unstuck can be hard!!

As a business owner, you constantly need to STOP what you’re busying yourself with and go find that new idea or solution. It’s not optional.  

Sound like you? 

Get ready to get unstuck! Try our new Do it now! challenge…


7-day “Get Unstuck” Challenge:

For an entire week, engage in this 2-step process to bring energy and clarity…and to get unstuck!

  1. Early morning meditation (5-15 minutes):
  • Before starting each meditation, create a comfortable space, with soft lighting and soft music. Bring to your mind one thing you are “stuck” on…one thing that needs clarity, a solution, or an idea. Make getting unstuck in this area your intention for the session.
  • As you lay flat on the ground or your bed (use pillows if necessary to be comfortable), begin your meditation by clearing your mind and with slow breathing exercises. Keep breathing as you placing your hands on your belly and bring your intention into your mind again (your stuck area!).

Now, clearing your mind again, focus on the rise and fall of your belly as you gently breathe…and listen. Inhale creativity, exhale tension and stress. Continue this for a few minutes…and every time your mind wanders, just keep bringing your attention back to your breath. Now soften your breath even more, and just be as still as possible…and listen. After a few minutes, to close your meditation, turn onto your side into a fetal position, deeply relaxed and melting into the floor. Take a few deep breathes, with your focus on a long exhale. Now, again, take one last minute to be completely still and just listen. You’ll be surprised at what opens up during these listening moments!

Finally, slowly come up to a comfortable seated position…inhale deeply and giving a big, stress relieving exhale…and smile. : )

Note: If you have no idea how to begin a mediation to open up your creativity and your life, feel free to contact us: info@vie-parnters.com. We would be happy to help!

  1. Creative time! 

At least 3 times during this week (or more!) set aside 60 minutes each day to immerse yourself in something creative. We suggest that you choose something that is:

  • Completely new


  • An old hobby that you haven’t touched in a while that made you feel mentally stimulated, happy, open, or free. It could be anything… painting, music, running, yoga, woodworking, a home project, karate… anything that inspires you!

While you are enjoying this creative time…do not multitask. Stay completely focused on the activity at hand. If you think about work…dismiss it. Regularly giving yourself time to be completely immersed in a creative space will do wonders…and help you get unstuck!

To maximize the outcome of your challenge, don’t forget to journal your experience along the way. Taking time to think clearly and write your thoughts down will help you turn your new inspiration… into new realities!

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