Our Mission – A Dual Purpose

VIE Partners is a subsidiary of VIE Consulting Group, serving business owners since 2013. Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, helping them launch their business – faster, better, and more successfully. Equally important, in all of our work, we focus on giving back to the community, year-round. In addition to donating 10% of profits to local charities, we work hands-on in the community through our “Aspiring Entrepreneur Program.” Each year, this program provides pro-bono support to select local various nonprofits and individual entrepreneurs in need of assistance.  

Of course, we also increase our impact by encouraging our entrepreneurs to include community service as an important part of their business and by providing the training and resources to do so.  If you would like to know how you can get involved, or for more information, contact us at: info@vie-partners.com.

Our Founder: Sierra M. Bretz

With over 15 years of leadership in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, Sierra brings to VIE clients a strong business acumen and a breadth of experience. Sierra has served as a ceo and management consultant, and has led several community programs and statewide coalitions. In addition, she has launched 4 businesses and during her time in turnaround consulting, she enjoyed working with nonprofit organizations to scale or breathe new life into stagnant or dying organizations.  Sierra is excited to bring this experience to VIE and is passionate about working alongside entrepreneurs. She loves sharing “secret strategies” to put her clients ahead of the rest!

Want to know more about Sierra (yes, the inside scoop!). Click here to read her letter to fellow entrepreneurs.

Our Collective Experience

Sierra serves as ceo of VIE Partners International, LLC. She is intricately involved in each client’s journey and leads a team of professionals to help clients reach and exceed goals. Members of the VIE team have a broad background in entrepreneurship, international business, organizational leadership, nonprofit management, coaching, and multiple areas of wellness. Key areas of expertise include:

·  Strategic planning and organizational development;

·  Branding, marketing and sales strategy, public relations, and communications;

·  Operations, including financial analysis and management, human resources, systems design, project management, and evaluation;

·  Leadership and team development;

·  Special nonprofit areas: fundraising, board development, volunteer management, program evaluation, and more.

In addition, we provide assistance in most areas of health and wellness (and a large referral network!). We take a holistic approach to each client’s situation…keeping in mind that a healthy, happy you is the best gift you can give your business!

The core beliefs of the “VIE Model”? 

We believe that every entrepreneur needs a partner (at least in the beginning!)

We believe that YOU are the most important ingredient to a business’ success, and that investing in you and building solid support systems, are the most important things we can do.

We believe that the strength and growth of any business lie in a keen focus on four main areas:

1)  People:  Your relationships with your team, your customer, your vendors, your partners, and your community.

2)  Process:  A solid foundation built on systems – in EVERY area of your business.

3)  Product:  Offering a product that solves a problem for your customer, at a price point they are willing to pay, and delivered in a stellar way.

4) And the final ingredient for success:  Intentionality.

What do we mean by intentionality?  It sounds so simple, but it’s often one of the key ingredients missing in business.

Simply put, intentionality is about paying attention to the right things. To be a success, you must know your numbers, your people, your market, and your competitors…and intentionally act on this knowledge.  You must have an edge. You must intentionally be better, faster, easier, or cheaper. You must always learn, evaluate, innovate, and use new technologies/methods to keep it fresh. You must create new products, new experiences, or more value…and never stand still. Our focus: to help our clients be intentional, so that financial success and life balance come naturally!

Wow. I’ve been wanting to develop a clear system for my business — so this is VERY helpful! Overwhelm is taking a back seat. I can’t thank you enough. I’m making progress because you have graciously partnered with me and are helping me to build, survive and thrive!

Tamisha, Founder of TRU Wellness