Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?

Sometimes, in life…we get stuck. Stuck with a partner, in a dead-end job, or in a monotonous routine. And sometimes in business, we can get stuck too.

But the question is…. What can we do about it??

First, it’s always important to understand why you are stuck. But that’s only the first step. And getting unstuck can be hard!!

As a business owner, you constantly need to STOP what you’re busying yourself with and go find that new idea or solution. It’s not optional.  

Sound like you? 

Get ready to get unstuck! Try our new Do it now! challenge…


7-day “Get Unstuck” Challenge:

For an entire week, engage in this 2-step process to bring energy and clarity…and to get unstuck!

  1. Early morning meditation (5-15 minutes):
  • Before starting each meditation, create a comfortable space, with soft lighting and soft music. Bring to your mind one thing you are “stuck” on…one thing that needs clarity, a solution, or an idea. Make getting unstuck in this area your intention for the session.
  • As you lay flat on the ground or your bed (use pillows if necessary to be comfortable), begin your meditation by clearing your mind and with slow breathing exercises. Keep breathing as you placing your hands on your belly and bring your intention into your mind again (your stuck area!).

Now, clearing your mind again, focus on the rise and fall of your belly as you gently breathe…and listen. Inhale creativity, exhale tension and stress. Continue this for a few minutes…and every time your mind wanders, just keep bringing your attention back to your breath. Now soften your breath even more, and just be as still as possible…and listen. After a few minutes, to close your meditation, turn onto your side into a fetal position, deeply relaxed and melting into the floor. Take a few deep breathes, with your focus on a long exhale. Now, again, take one last minute to be completely still and just listen. You’ll be surprised at what opens up during these listening moments!

Finally, slowly come up to a comfortable seated position…inhale deeply and giving a big, stress relieving exhale…and smile. : )

Note: If you have no idea how to begin a mediation to open up your creativity and your life, feel free to contact us: info@vie-parnters.com. We would be happy to help!

  1. Creative time! 

At least 3 times during this week (or more!) set aside 60 minutes each day to immerse yourself in something creative. We suggest that you choose something that is:

  • Completely new


  • An old hobby that you haven’t touched in a while that made you feel mentally stimulated, happy, open, or free. It could be anything… painting, music, running, yoga, woodworking, a home project, karate… anything that inspires you!

While you are enjoying this creative time…do not multitask. Stay completely focused on the activity at hand. If you think about work…dismiss it. Regularly giving yourself time to be completely immersed in a creative space will do wonders…and help you get unstuck!

To maximize the outcome of your challenge, don’t forget to journal your experience along the way. Taking time to think clearly and write your thoughts down will help you turn your new inspiration… into new realities!

Be Bold.

Be Bold.

You are about to launch a new business adventure. You’re ready. You want this. The question is: What’s holding you back?

Most often, it’s fear. Fear comes in different forms, but it is the most common cause of delay…it holds us back in both business and in life.

One way to get past this is to confront it, head-on…and practice fearlessness! So, today’s DO IT NOW exercise:

Below are three mini exercises that will break the habit of fear, and help to bring out the most bold and brave you. Our dare to you today is to do at least two of the three (or all!):

  • Write down ONE thing you’d love to do…something that takes a LOT of guts…and do it today. For example, last week a friend of mine got over her fear, picked up the phone, and started calling friends and family for a business investment. Asking for money is never easy, and it was really hard for her, but she did it. And guess what, it worked!
  • Do something embarrassing in public. Examples include: Wear something bizarre that catches stares, sit cross-legged in the middle of a busy sidewalk and just stare straight ahead, or stand on the corner and sing the national anthem. Choose your crazy! Whatever you do, its got to be BOLD…and last at least five minutes. Sounds unfruitful? Try it once, or do it weekly…it is exhilarating! 
  • Try a new meditation for ONE week. Before the mediation, write on a paper your biggest fear or challenge, and also the breakthrough you need. Let that breakthrough be your intention for the meditation for one week…and watch the transformation begin! (If you need help with this exercise, email us at info@vie-partners.com. We’ll happily send you our free guided meditation guide for entrepreneurs!)

By doing these exercises once or often, you’ll begin to break down barriers, care less about what others think of you, and make progress on goals that you’ve been holding back on. You are an entrepreneur, you are a business owner with big dreams, you are a dreamer. You’ll do whatever it takes to succeed – now let’s get started!

How is YOUR company perceived?

How is YOUR company perceived?

Ever hear the phrase “Perception is Everything?”

Well, nothing could be more true.

I recently learned about a phenomenon called the transparency illusion — the belief that we’re all open books and that what we intend is what people see.

Guilty as charged.  

I used to think that people knew my good intentions because they knew my heart! Not so much. 

I also found out a few years ago that often, when listening to others speak, my eyebrows would inadvertently raise up, incorrectly revealing disbelief or even disdain. Apparently, it is common for people to make faces when deep in thought. Yikes!

Again, perception is everything. And this leads us to this month’s DO IT NOW exercise…



As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to exist in your own bubble and, even worse, to surround yourself with people that think just like you. However, even more important than what you think is what the world, and your potential customers, think.

Would you like to know how your company is perceived? Let’s find out…

Step one:

Select 3 people who will speak frankly with you, including:

  • One family member or close friend who frequently listened to you talk about your company.
  • One business colleague who knows what you do, but from a distance or from a different industry. A consultant type would be perfect!
  • One business colleague who knows what you do…AND is a potential customer.

Request a meeting via zoom or phone (face-to-face would be great, but donning a mask during a meeting is not ideal!). If they prefer, you can send them the questions in advance.

Step two:  During the meeting, ask three simple questions:

  1. Regarding my company, can you tell me what we do?
  2. Given all you have seen or learned about my company, can you please give me five words — good or bad — that best describe my company and our product?
  3. If you could give my company one word of advice to improve perceptions, what would that be?

Chances are, the responses will surprise you. 

A few quick reminders:

  • If you don’t fully understand a response, don’t be afraid to ask for clarity!
  • Be GRATEFUL for their time…and stay focused on how giving they are to even take the time out to talk with you. This will keep you from any bitter response (even the slightest grimace)…it is not always easy to accept criticism.
  • Try to avoid defending or explaining unless absolutely necessary — that is not why you are there! Be an objective listener. The more you are open to learning, the more details they will share.

After you have sent your thank you notes, take time to contemplate their answers and identify themes and patterns. If you feel you need more information, conduct a few more interviews, or even send an email survey to your mailing list.  

Once you have drawn conclusions, what follows is the most important step: Take your learnings and discuss them with your team. What gaps are there between how you ARE being perceived and how you WANT to be perceived? How might this affect your success? What changes could be made NOW? And then…do it!

Bonne chance.

Is your business idea right for YOU?

Is your business idea right for YOU?

This month, our focus is on dreams and how to bring them to fruition.  So, in this blog, as we move through the “visioning stage” of launching a business, we’d like you to join us in an exercise that helps us think about how our business dream fits with the other priorities in our life.  Let’s get started…


You have a dream, a vision for your business — but will it really create the life you want?  Let’s find out!  Grab some paper and something to write with, and we’ll get started! 

Step one:  Using the example above (or create your own!), draw a circle and divide it up into equal sections, as few as 6 or 8, or as many as 12 as shown in the example above.  Label your sections.  Our favorites: relationships, environment (home/office), health, education, career, finances, personal development, fun, and spirituality….but choose your own!

Step two:  Draw a dot on each line, in each section, representing how fulfilled you feel (in this moment) in each of these sections . This is purely based on your own experience, not on what anyone else would have to say about your life. So, for example, if you feel like your creativity is about 30% of where it could be, draw a DOT ⅓ of the way up from the center on that line.  Repeat for each area of your life.   

As an example, I asked Sierra (VIE ceo) to do step one, and here is her drawing:

(Does your circle even look like a circle?  Or more like an odd-shaped star?)   : )

Step two:  Once you’ve completed step one, grab a DIFFERENT COLOR pen, and do the same based on where you’d like to be in a year. Of course, we’d all like to be 100% fulfilled in all areas…but be realistic, and focus on the areas most important to you. Then, connect those dots. What do your circle look like now?

Step three:  Observe your circles, think about your goals, and ask yourself:

  • Does the business you hope to launch support the life you want to live?

For example:  If you are going to open a restaurant, but you love lazy Saturday mornings…and weekends off for traveling…you may want to re-think your business choice.  Another example:  If your goal is to retire at age 50 with 100 million in the bank, a small craft shop may not get you there.  Last example, let’s say your health has suffered in recent years, and a goal of yours is to be super active, lose weight, and get healthy.  In that case, you may want to re-think any business idea that will have you sitting behind a desk 12 hours a day.  

You get the idea. But whatever you are looking for in your life, now is the time to think:  Is this business really right for ME?

If the answer is yes, great!  Now, is a great time to flesh out your vision and begin planning.    

If the answer is no, what needs to change? What other options are there? 

If you need help figuring it out, contact us for some guidance — we offer complimentary visioning sessions to get you started!

Step five:  Finish this exercise by setting 3 goals that will move you forward toward launching the business of your dreams.  Write them down.  Share it with your friends and family!  Post it on your vision board!  And then begin to take the baby steps necessary to make it happen. Bonne chance!

Welcome to … DO THIS NOW!

Welcome to … DO THIS NOW!

December 15th, 2020

Welcome to DO THIS NOW, our bi-weekly “more than a blog” blog. It is a fun, creative, hands-on experience for launching your business. 

I hope you came prepared with a pen and paper, because we have a 5-minute visioning exercise for you.  But, before we jump into that, ask yourself: 

Do these thoughts seem familiar?

1. I often find myself awake in the middle of the night scribbling down ideas. 

2. While I’ve been bouncing ideas between friends and family for years, I’ve never committed to making one real. 

If so, you might be an entrepreneur on the verge of something great. Entrepreneurs are the type of people with tons of new ideas, but not always the time or resources to pursue them all. Starting a business is a challenge, no matter how many years of experience you have doing what it is that you love. 

Knowing that (and having been there ourselves), this blog is created with entrepreneurs at all stages in mind. We understand the unique journey you are on and want to help you thrive. So today, we are excited to introduce to you DO THIS NOW …  a fun, creative, hands-on do-it-experience, and a new start to our journey together!


The internet is a fascinating place, and sometimes overwhelmingly so. There are self-help, business advice, and personal stories as far as your finger can click. But is it always helpful? That depends on a number of factors, from the time of day, to the content itself, to how many cups of coffee you’ve had. Sometimes, no matter how great the article was, we’re left wondering, “What now?”  

DO THIS NOW is inspired by those experiences, as well as our overarching mission to work with entrepreneurs to launch their businesses successfully. In order to launch successfully, we know there are certain ingredients that will create a solid foundation. However, strong business plans, budgets, and marketing strategies don’t come naturally to most people. Instead, we learn through experience. 

So, we would like to share some of that experience with you. Because while you can’t buy experience, you can learn from the successes, mistakes, and magic discoveries of others. In each blog post, we offer you snippets of the activities that we do with our clients — entrepreneurs just like you.

Let the journey begin! 

DO THIS NOWVisualization exercise:

Step one: Draw a picture of your business. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Draw the elements of your business, what you do, and how you see them working together. 

Step two: Now, draw a picture of what your life looks like when your business takes off. Where are you? What are you doing? What/who are you surrounded by?  Stick figures are ok! Just get it on the page. 

Now that you have these two pictures, ponder them.  Pin them on your board.  Let them inspire you as your vision evolves and guide you as you begin your entrepreneurial journey with us!  

p.s.  Just for the fun of it, we’ve included a picture (below) drawn by our most creative client, an amazing artist (www.micboekelmann.com) who turned her talents into a thriving business and community resource.  So yes, even for a talented artist — stick figures can be fun and useful!