Welcome to… DO THIS NOW!

How is YOUR company perceived?

Ever hear the phrase “Perception is Everything?” Well, nothing could be more true. I recently learned about a phenomenon called the transparency illusion — the belief that we’re all open books and that what we intend is what people see. Guilty as charged.   I used to think that people knew my good intentions because they knew my […]

Is your business idea right for YOU?

This month, our focus is on dreams and how to bring them to fruition.  So, in this blog, as we move through the “visioning stage” of launching a business, we’d like you to join us in an exercise that helps us think about how our business dream fits with the other priorities in our life.  […]

Welcome to … DO THIS NOW!

December 15th, 2020 Welcome to DO THIS NOW, our bi-weekly “more than a blog” blog. It is a fun, creative, hands-on experience for launching your business.  I hope you came prepared with a pen and paper, because we have a 5-minute visioning exercise for you.  But, before we jump into that, ask yourself:  Do these thoughts […]

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