BOSS HUBS is an all-in-one support system empowering entrepreneurs and business owners at every stage of development…from idea, to launch, to scale.

More than a software platform, more than a resource library…we provide an ivy-league quality, fully-staffed, fully-managed, private-labeled entrepreneur center for educational institutions, membership organizations, and other work spaces. BOSS HUBS is also available to existing entrepreneur centers and through membership on the BOSS HUBS website.

Our mission

The BOSS HUBS mission is to vastly improve new business success rates for entrepreneurs worldwide. By making top-quality assistance accessible to ALL, BOSS HUBS™ helps build a more equitable world, while strengthening the economy and dramatically helping people, families, and communities.  

Why educational institutions, membership organizations, and workspaces?

The BOSS HUBS knows that the best way to help people from all walks of life is to seamlessly integrate support into their existing lifestyle.  Support services offered by a trusted and credible source are more likely to be utilized and effective. This is why BOSS HUBS works directly with trusted educational institutions, membership organizations, and other work spaces.

What kind of entrepreneur would benefit from BOSS HUBS?

In order to provide the education, tools and guidance needed to help ALL entrepreneurs succeed, we offer 3 different tracks of support, serving:

  1. The innovation driven entrepreneur (tech/STEM startups)
  2. The traditional small business owner
  3. The freelancer in the rising “gig economy”

How is BOSS HUBS different? We are:


Our program was designed to merge creativity and fun in an applied learning environment.  We engage entrepreneurs and business owners through a planned 10-month, 10-module system, including coaching, live events and workshops, pitch nights, contests, podcasts and blogs, exchange forums, a curated resource library and toolbox, and much more.


This is YOUR entrepreneur center.  We stay completely “behind the curtain” of your brand, while managing all aspects of your center.


We work hard to keep costs down and to keep the solution affordable.  Our goal is to offer virtual entrepreneur centers to ALL organizations, regardless of size or wealth.

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