Interim Leadership

Specializing in Interim Executive Leadership for startup companies, and Interim Leadership at all levels in the nonprofit and public sectors.


Nonprofit organizations

Whether you are in need of expertise during a season of transition, or you are filling an executive-level position due to staff turnover, you need a seasoned expert who can step in to lead, manage change, and make crucial decisions.  Providing interim solutions nationally and internationally, our goal is to offer visionary leadership, calm in the midst of conflict and uncertainty, and the opportunity to help you reflect, plan, and grow.


Startups: Building a leadership team

Even the greatest entrepreneurs may not have the time or experience to create and execute strategic business plans.  You need a seasoned CEO, CMO, COO, or CSO to make your dreams a reality. 

By hiring a VIE interim executive during startup or times of change, your business can move to the next level, without the additional burden of a permanent, full-time executive compensation package.