We offer a range of programs to help you achieve the results you’re after. Below are three personalized programs, at three different levels of engagement and cost.

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Level 1:


The perfect “take what you need” service for entrepreneurs occasionally in need of advice or a helping hand!

This program offers entrepreneurs a sounding board and access to expert advice…when they need it most! Our advisors are ready to provide feedback on your business plans, funding proposal, marketing materials, and more.

Note: Package hours can be used in increments as small as 15 minutes – use them whenever you need help! This service is not a hotline; rather, it is special access to our calendar to make quick appointments when you need them most.

Level 2:

Dream Lab

More than an advisor, more than a coach…this program will take you from idea to launch in just 3 months!

As a new member, you will be assigned an advisor who will give you personalized advice and ongoing unlimited email/phone support. You’ll receive assistance, tips, and tools to launch your business — the RIGHT way!

We’ll walk with you to clarify your vision, create business plans, secure funding, build solid infrastructure, and nurture the skills needed to succeed. Members also have full access to VIE’s curated resource & tool library!

Level 3:

VP Master

Imagine being able to hire the “perfect” business partner…and not having to do it all alone. Well, now you can.

We step in as your business partner to bring you from idea to launch. This premium service is perfect for the entrepreneur seeking a knowledgeable business partner…without giving away your equity!

Following a mutual interview process and a meeting of the minds, we will begin our journey together, bringing to your doorstep the collective expertise, wisdom, connections, and resources of our entire team!

FAQ about the Dream Lab, our most popular program!

How can I get started? The first step in the process is to schedule an introductory meeting with us where you will present your business idea, and share a bit about you, your passion, your background, and your goals as an entrepreneur. We want to know your DREAM! We’ll also ask you about your timeline, current resources, and vision for your future. In turn, we will provide direct feedback, advice, and even some tips/tools for getting funded and launching — our gift to you! Then, if you are invited into the program, you will be assigned an advisor…and the magic will begin!

How does it work? If you are accepted into the Dream Lab program, your VIE Advisor will meet regularly with you to walk you through the planning stages and keep you accountable and on track. This includes advice and guidance to: * Clarify your vision and personal brand as a leader. Identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities…and any limiting beliefs holding you back. * Set up your company legal structure. * Create all of your key business plans – strategic, marketing, financial, and more. * Establish your business systems for every functional area. * Understand your product, define your target market, design your branding and marketing strategies.  * Design key marketing messages. * Develop your sales strategies. * Set KPIs and a simple evaluation system. * Create plans to scale and grow!

Are there any other benefits to the program? Yes! You will also receive all of the benefits of VIE membership, including: * Curated, best practice tools to set up your business. * FREE passes to VIE’s ongoing webinar series. * VIP access to VIE intensives while in the program.

Can you help me get funding? Yes! While you still have to put the work in and be the visionary for your company, our team of advisors and field experts can help you create the perfect pitch for potential investors, as well as the supporting documents that today’s savvy investors will ask for. This includes your business plans, market research, financial projections, rollout strategies, and more. As a bonus, we’ll also coach you prior to any pitch meetings you may have…and even, when possible, connect you directly to investors or pitch events that will help you get funded!

Is everyone accepted into the Dream Lab? No. Unfortunately, participation is limited because of the hands-on nature of this program. The ideal Dream Lab member is an entrepreneur that has an idea (or ideas!) and is driven to succeed. If you are not ready for this experience, we will be happy to recommend other services or tools for you to explore.

What if I need even more help? If you need even more help, there are several options. Either you can upgrade to the Master program, or you can purchase some “add-on” WORKING SESSIONS where your advisor will sit down and do your most challenging projects WITH YOU. Another option is to bring a VIE Interim Leader on board, who can serve alongside you on your leadership team. We are happy to create the perfect, customized program for you. Please click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Let’s build something awesome together.