À La Carte

Private retreats

This is an intense 1:1 experience…one of creative brainstorming and deep planning. The breakthrough week will begin with a full-day retreat with Sierra (with 4 full days of follow up until Friday), where we will clarify your life and business goals, identify challenges, create your plan for the future…and get you “unstuck”! Resources, tools, and training will also be provided, as needed.


Private advising sessions are available to help you keep your life balanced as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Sessions are available to address your individual needs in the following areas:

* Health & Wellness

* Leadership Development

* Nonprofit Leadership

* Executive Coaching


From time to time, you may simply need us to lead a strategic planning process, write a business plan, or create one of the many other strategic pieces you’ll need to get funded or launch. In concert with the team at VIE Consulting Group, we are able to provide these project-based services using best practices in business. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and to receive a quote.


We are available to offer inspiring, fun, cutting-edge workshops internationally. Our engagements focus on a range of topics in business, nonprofit management, social enterprise, work/life balance, stress management, and more. 

As a part of our community work, a limited number of free workshops are available including: “Social Impact and Profits: Perfect Together.”