Are you ready to finally launch and grow your dream business?

More than a coach or mentor, we are your trusted advisor, your expert team, your support system, and your sounding board…all rolled into one. We partner with you to launch your business faster, better, and more successfully.

“Starting a business can be a lonely place. The very best investment you can make in your new venture is finding the RIGHT business parter. Don’t do it alone.”

Sierra Bretz, VIE Founder
Meet MIC DIÑO BOEKELMANN and hear about her journey with VIE Partners!


Imagine having a trusted business partner to help you get started.

Imagine having the right answers, without hours of research.

Imagine having every tool, without reinventing the wheel.

Imagine having a sounding board, business expert, and brainstorming partner…all in one.

Imagine VIE.

Why choose VIE Partners?

Consultants and coaches are paid to provide gentle guidance and sometimes, advice. But as an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming…you don’t need one more person telling you what you SHOULD be doing. You need hands-on help, someone to dig in with you and get it done.

That’s where VIE comes in. Nothing beats having a passionate, experienced partner to brainstorm and collaborate with…one that brings to the table the “best of the best” in tools and business wisdom. By partnering with VIE, we’ll work with you every step of the way to launch your business, avoiding unnecessary stress, uncertainty, chaos, and time wasted.

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“I truly appreciate your insight into this venture. You truly are awesome and I see now why you were recommended on the internet…man were they dead on!”

Brenainn Flanagan, mednosis